Our entire treadmill training series, all in one location.

If you’ve been keeping up on our blog lately, you’ve seen our newest workout series. Boot camps, strength training, HIIT, and, of course, treadmill workouts. To make finding these workouts easier for you, we’ve put them all in one place. Check out our treadmill training schedule below:

Treadmill Training Series

Treadmill Training Workout 1: What are you waiting for? All you need is a treadmill to complete this fun, total-body workout.


Treadmill Training Workout 2: If running isn’t up your alley, enjoy this low-impact treadmill workout that’s sure to get you sweatin’!


Treadmill Training Workout 3: It’s all uphill from here. Are you ready to climb and burn some serious calories? Let’s go!


Treadmill Training Workout 4: In this heart-pumpin’ treadmill workout, you’ll alternate between fun movement variations, bodyweight exercises, and running.


Treadmill Training Workout 5: Do you feel the need for speed? Get ready to push the pace in this fast and furious workout!


Try them all or pick your favs. Remember that you can always slow your speed or lower your incline if you’re just starting out. Good luck!

What’s next?

Like the treadmill series? Be sure to follow us on Instagram (@ifit) for other great workouts! Here are a few of my favorite treadmill-based workouts:

Low-impact with a high calorie burn, we’ll bump up that incline with a few fun movement patterns to keep it interesting. Ever wonder what “carioca” looks like? Check it out!


More movements equals more fun. This video will show you how to perform side shuffles, squat jumps, lunges, skips, and carioca, all on a treadmill.


Backward skip, jogging backward, side skip and low shuffles are what this workout is made of. Grab a workout partner and get to work!



Have a favorite workout or a series you’d like to see? Let us know in the comments below!


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Emily Wiley