Is your goal to walk 10,000 steps everyday? Are you only  at 1,000 steps by the time 5 p.m. rolls around? If this happens to you, here are some tips to achieving 10,000 steps by the end of each day.

Take a Walk at Lunch: After you eat, head outside for a walk during your lunch break. Not only will this help you get a few more steps in, but you’ll come back to work feeling refreshed.

Walk to Work: If you live close enough to work, walk. You’ll be sure to get extra steps in that way.

Take the Stairs: Taking the stairs instead of the elevator to work or your apartment complex will add in those few extra steps and leave you feeling healthier.

Set Smaller Goals Throughout the Day: If 10,000 steps is overwhelming break it up and try to get a certain amount before work, before lunch, before you head home and before bed. This will make the task seem more achievable.

Set an Alarm: Set an alarm to get up and move every hour or change the settings on your iFit Active band to buzz you every hour if you’ve been idle.

Now, step it up!

-Kendra Baylis

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