The benefits of working out as a couple are more than just physical.

So you’ve just finished Valentine’s Day. Hopefully, you had a chance to reconnect with the one you love. But soon, workplace stressors, children’s activities, and even day-to-day housekeeping can get in the way of connecting with your sweetie. Well, we have a way to get back that spark on a daily basis: working out together!

Let’s take a look at the psychological, emotional, and physical benefits of convincing your S.O. to make a regular date of the gym!

Look at that body.

There are some obvious physical benefits of going together to the gym. Your bodies are getting stronger every single day. That means you’ll feel sexier and more confident, which is always a boost for your romantic relationship!

Love is in the air.

Exercise releases endorphins, and sharing that emotional high with your one and only can create a stronger bond. Also, studies have shown that couples who nonverbally mimic each other feel more emotionally in tune. Examples include matching running paces, lifting weights in rhythm, or tossing a medicine ball back and forth. It might seem silly, but watch it strengthen your bond.

Push it.

Working out alone can be really difficult. Dragging yourself out of bed or turning down lunch with your coworkers to go to the gym is akin to torture at times. Putting in the effort is always simplest when you have a partner. And when that partner’s your honey, it can make it twice as easy. You’ll both feel supported, encouraged, and will push your hardest to impress each other.

Under pressure.

Getting overloaded with stressful things in your life can kill romance and intimacy like nobody’s business. Many people deal with stress in unhealthy ways that can lead to a rocky relationship. Exercise is a healthy way to rid yourself of stress, and provides an environment to talk about problems that might be bothering you. A long run with your love can reduce arguments and help clear out the cobwebs so you can find solutions to your life problems.

A matter of trust.

When you work out together, you can spot each other, exchange helpful tips, and encourage one another. All of these things will help you build a foundation of trust that will help you in other aspects of your relationship.

So get to the gym and let your love grow!

~J. Rebecca Sanders