Make your family traditions a little more active this Thanksgiving.

Don’t wanna run the usual 3.1 mile Turkey Trot in frigid November weather? We’ve got just the workout. Try out our Thanksgiving Parade workout from the comfort of your own living room and earn those extra dinner calories!


Each time you hear any of the following words, complete the exercise associated with it.

Thanks/Thankful/Grateful—5 burpees

Football—30 seconds wall sit

Shopping—6 reverse lunges

Turkey—10 air squats

Pie—5 V-ups

Float—30 seconds plank

Balloon—10 triceps dips

Band—15 seconds high knees

If you’re not a fan of parades, you can apply this workout to family conversations, a holiday movie, or commercials during your favorite TV shows. I promise these words will pop up all over the place on Thanksgiving!

So get active this Turkey Day, and have a wonderful time with your loved ones!

Emily Wiley

iFit Trainer

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