It’s the whole package: shoulders, buns, legs, and abs. Work ‘em all to get your body ready for summer!

This series is about your entire bod—not just your bum or your abs—because when we’re wearing tanks, shorts, and swimsuits, we need to focus on it all, right? Each workout, we’ll hone in on large muscle groups, using complex movements to get the most bang for your buck. Push through a solid mix of cardio and strength throughout the workout, then finish up each one with an ab burnout!

Today’s focus: Total Body

Warm up: bodyweight

30 seconds each: shoulder tap planks, around the world lunges (30 seconds per leg), push-ups, jump lunges, and low plank.

SUPERSET 1: barbell (complete 3 times)

10 Bulgarian split lunges (each leg)

10 marching planks

10 bent rows


30-second wall sit

150 vertical feet**

SUPERSET 2: kettlebells, dumbbells (complete 3 times)

10 single-leg deadlifts (each leg)

100’ farmer carry

10 bench chest flyes


30-second wall sit

150 vertical feet**

SUPERSET 3: kettlebells, dumbbells (complete 3 times)


30-second wall sit

150 vertical feet**

SUPERSET 4: bodyweight (complete 3 times)

10 oblique v-ups (each side)

50 mountain climbers

50 oblique mountain climbers

Cool down: 3–5 minutes of your choice


Emily Wiley

iFit Trainer

**Program your incline trainer to 18% incline (or as high as your treadmill will go). This should be performed as a sprint—complete it as quickly as possible without holding onto the handles.