Get ready for summer hiking with these three hiking programs from some of our top trainers!

Swiss Alps

Join Tommy “Rivers” Puzey in this intermediate, 20-workout hiking program in the Swiss Alps! Tommy will teach you about increasing your aerobic capacity, lactate threshold, and muscular strength as you reach the summit.



Mount Kilimanjaro

Welcome to the Mount Kilimanjaro Summit Series in Tanzania with iFit Trainer Zac Marion! You’ll run and hike up to Uhuru Peak, getting closer to the summit with each workout. Push hard so you can enjoy the incredible views from the tallest peak in Africa!



Grand Canyon

Conquer the world-famous Grand Canyon with iFit Trainer John Peel. Start at South Rim, then descend thousands of feet down Kaibab Trail to the Colorado River before you take on the steep inclines of Bright Angel Trail. Enjoy the views of this iconic natural wonder!