When your scale is being stubborn, here are 26 reasons why you should keep pushing on anyway.

Every year, losing weight is the most popular New Year’s resolution. It’s also the one broken the most. If your scale isn’t cooperating and you’re starting to lose that original gusto, here’s a list of reasons why you should keep going, aside from the number under your feet.

Exercise may:
1. Improve quality of life
2. Boost your mood
3. Strengthen your bones
4. Improve self-esteem
5. Reduce stress
6. Improve eating habits
7. Improve concentration
8. Lower the risk of diabetes
9. Reduce blood pressure
10. Improve cholesterol
11. Allow you to push your own limits
12. Increase cardiovascular health
13. Increase muscular strength and endurance
14. Improve balance and coordination
15. Allow you to see what your body is capable of
16. Improve quality of sleep
17. Decrease the risk of osteoporosis
18. Increase self-confidence
19. Reduce the risk of heart disease
20. Boost your immune system
21. Build muscle and reduces body fat (this can happen without losing weight!)
22. Lose inches (muscle weighs more, but it’s also leaner!)
23. Improve blood circulation
24. Relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety
25. Lower the risk of dementia
26. Boost your energy

So even if the number on your scale refuses to move, your body still benefits greatly from all your hard work. Sometimes it helps to keep an extra reason in mind when you’re awake at 5 am, dripping in sweat. Remember, it’s not always about weight loss. Sometimes it’s about releasing anxiety from a stressful job, keeping up with your kids, or just feeling good about yourself.

iFit Trainer
Emily Wiley