I’m a busy mom of two girls, and I work hard at just trying to keep things together. I often find myself feeding my family on the run between work, school, ballet, and sports. Even though I cook often for them, in the frenzy of our lives, getting snacks ready isn’t always my top priority. That’s why I try to keep a drawer in my fridge stocked with high-protein snack boxes that are ready to grab at a moment’s notice. That way, I can keep the hangry monster at bay, and my happy mommy face on. It’ll surprise you how little prep work is actually required to create these snack boxes, and you’ll be more likely to grab them instead of that candy bar that tempts you when you’re on the run.

These boxes are also amazing if you have a toddler that’s growing and constantly coming to you for snacks (like mine does.) Whenever she comes to me saying, “I’m hungry!” I can direct her to the fridge, where I already have healthy snacks for her to eat throughout the day.

I try to keep my boxes around 150 calories for females and toddlers. For males not trying to lose weight, you should create snacks that are around 300 calories. These are nice, because you can prep them all at once. My boxes are often loaded with vegetables and, of course, protein, helping me with satiety and suppressing my sweet tooth.

You can custom-make your own protein boxes with the items listed below. One of my favorite combinations is 3 ounces of carrots, 1 cut up celery stalk, and 1 tablespoon peanut butter. It has 140 calories, 5 grams of protein, and 4 grams of fiber. With that, I feel satisfied until my next meal!


Food analysis done with Esha database.


Michelle Alley, B.S.

iFit Nutritionist