At iFit, we’re always talking about our coaches who motivate and inspire us—and that’s absolutely true! What you probably don’t know is that our customers (that means you) are also a huge inspiration to our team! It’s the reason we do what we do: to help transform, improve, and change the lives of our members. Every day, we strive toward innovation, so we can continue to be a part of your fitness journey and help you grow every day.

A few months ago, we asked some of you to share your experiences, and the results were incredible! Meet some of our best iFit Superstars.

Al Ruiz

“I love it! I have been using iFit since 2011. I am running on my second treadmill, and I enjoy running through all of the places I’ve had the chance to previously visit and actually run in.The slope control is magnificent, and it is awesome to run with the Street View in Rome, Madrid, Pisa, London, Buenos Aires, etc. Another excellent feature is the competition mode, with which you can run against other runners using iFit in a predetermined place.”

Lynn Lisy-Macan

“I have been a long-time member of iFit. I came to running and a true commitment to fitness later in life, and I have iFit to thank for a good portion of my current lifestyle. This includes regular workouts paired with healthy eating, and the opportunity to interact with a community that holds similar interests and values. I used to say, “I can’t stand running on a treadmill!” Now, I say, “I look forward to my treadmill workouts!” This is because every day brings a new adventure, and the variation keeps me interested. I am hooked on tracking my statistics, and love being able to set goals of particular length and focus. I compete with myself to better my stats and meet my goals. iFit was a big part of my training for my first marathon, and helps me keep on track training for the longer-length races that I regularly participate in now. The customer service department is always responsive and helpful—whenever I have had a question or issue, they have been quick to help get it resolved. Another bonus is that my husband has been watching my engagement over the past few years, and iFit has helped hook him into a healthier lifestyle, as well! I cannot say enough about all of the resources that come with my membership, and how the quality of my life has improved as a result of iFit helping me keep my commitment to being the best (physically and mentally) that I can be!”

Monica Sicsai

“This picture shows me working out on one of the iFit programs. Working full time and having a 4-year-old doesn’t give much time for me. Having the iFit programs gives me time to get a workout in and not have to think about incline, speed, or what I am doing. Using iFit is my me time to clear my head and also get a great workout!”

Kerry Myles

“I use iFit to schedule, track, and log workouts. It is a wonderful companion to my iFit elliptical, allowing me to map out, route, and schedule workouts using Google Maps™, as well as download routes.  I absolutely love having the ability to integrate workout routines, as well as eating and sleeping habits to my smartphone.”

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