In iFit Success Stories, Part I, we talked about how our iFit members are also some of our biggest sources of inspiration. Here at iFit, we are fitness enthusiasts who work hard to improve our products and motivate you guys to keep working hard. Hearing your success stories not only shows us that we are doing something right, but it also inspires us to keep going! A few months ago, we asked some of you to share your iFit stories with us. We shared a few of them in the first part of this series, so here are a few more of our iFit Superstars that we’d like to highlight.

Guthrie Chamberlain, III

“I have been a longtime iFit member and find that the iFit membership is an excellent program to keep track of nearly all of my workouts and goals. I use iFit on my Proform treadmill and HIIT machine. Utilizing the iFit chest strap heart monitor during my workouts keeps me aware of my current workout level and is integrated with the online iFit system, which tracks all workouts. The equipment that I used is also integrated with the iFit Google map programs so that I can travel virtually throughout the world while completing preset programs on a daily basis. It also gives me the capability of creating my own custom workouts in my local area or anywhere in the world. While I don't log all my outdoor physical activities on iFit, during my equipment related workouts I have logged over 3500 miles and over 600 hours of workouts during the past few years. My iFit membership is an excellent value which I use on a daily basis.”

Brenda Wheeler

“I bought my iFit treadmill back in 2013. I had a heart attack 14 years ago and had a few health problems after that so I wanted to  buy something that would motivate me. I looked around at different options and iFit caught my eye. I love the way you can map a route and then watch it as you walk on the treadmill. It also lets you view the places you know you will never be able to visit. I also like all of the different features on it (programs, speed, and incline). It has  gotten me more strength in my legs now that I love to go hiking when we are out camping. It has kept me motivated to keep a heart-healthy lifestyle and I love it. Thank you for making a great product!”

Robin Russ

“As an 11-year heart attack and quad bypass survivor, I have been able to utilize iFit and my exercise equipment to help me try to maintain a healthy lifestyle!”

Christine Legge

“In 2015 I decided that it was time to improve my fitness level. I purchased a treadmill but needed a way to stay motivated to use it. That's when I discovered iFit. I found the variety of programs in the iFit library tremendous. So much so that I purchased an elliptical machine and stationary bike so that I could vary my workouts and I have not looked back! Now,I look forward to exercising! Thanks to iFit I am improving my overall fitness. Before iFit, I would not have been able to walk over 5 km in 37 °C weather to visit Petra in Jordan, and see one of the 7 Wonders of the World. Thank you iFit!”

Sherida Davis-Bryan

“I have been an iFit user for more than 5 years. It's connected to my incline trainer which helps me stay active. I have an office job, I'm over 45 and a busy mom. Having iFit combined with a reasonable diet helps me manage my health. I plan to use iFit with my incline trainer this year to prepare for my first half marathon. I appreciate the detailed statistics, as I'm goal oriented, and the endless variety of options available when I want to create workouts or even connect with people in other places. I've been lactose intolerant for more than a decade and I've tried almost every option available, I recently tried iFit Nourish and it's one of the best non-dairy meal substitutes I've had.

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