iFit Active will keep you motivated to achieve your goals. We’ll even notify you when you’ve reached your goal and send you an air high five in spirit. You can set goals on the iFit Track app and monitor your progress right on your iFit Active. When the goal has been completed you will receive an achievement notification.

Getting To Your Goals Settings
1. Launch the iFit Track app from you device.
2. From the Dashboard, press the menu icon in the top left corner to open the menu.
3. From the menu, press the bottom left icon to enter your settings.
4. Select “Goals” from the list to edit your goals settings.

In the “Goals” menu, you can edit the sections listed below to set specific goals for yourself. Just press any of the sections to edit. Your device will then show a percentage based on how your progress is coming along with each goal, and when you achieve your goal, your band will vibrate and say, “Goal Achieved”. Be sure to sync your device with your phone for the device to immediately display the change in your goals.

If you need more help, visit support.ifit.com.