Seems like we’ve all been in a workout slump and the biggest question always is, “How do I get motivated again?” Keeping a regular fitness routine is important for our health but sometimes that alone won’t motivate us to stay active daily. If you are in a slump, here are some tips to get you out:

SET A GOAL: Setting a goal will help change your perspective and give you something to aim for and accomplish. If you ever want to skip a workout or give up, think about your goals and get to it.

JUST GO, EVEN IF IT’S JUST A LITTLE: If going for a 5 miles run each day or heading to the gym for an hour seems overwhelming, just make yourself go for 10 minutes or 1 mile. If you still aren’t having it, go home after. At least you still got moving, but chances are once you’ve started and taken the effort to make it that far you will keep going. Try our 1 mile challenge here.

COMMIT: Whether you are committing to a gym, a workout plan, a friend or a race committing will give you motivation to keep going each day. You won’t want to be unprepared for a race, let your friend down, quit a plan early or waste your gym money, so it will give you a little extra motivation to get your workout in.

SCHEDULE WORKOUTS: Try to workout the same time everyday so you always know when it’s a certain time, it’s time for your workout. If you are unable to do this with your schedule make sure to pencil in your workouts for the week so you will be committed, even if it’s not the same time each day.

SWITCH IT UP: We all get bored doing the same workout everyday and it doesn’t work your body to the fullest. Switching up your workouts can keep you from hitting a plateau and keep you more entertained. For new workout each day you can check out iFit Daily.

MAKE SMALL CHANGES: Making one change a day can seem less overwhelming than trying to change everything at once. Here are some tips for making small changes each day that can make a big difference.

REWARD YOURSELF: Reward yourself with either a cheat day, new workout clothes, a trip or something that will keep you motivated to stick with your workout plan and accomplish your goals.

BUY NEW WORKOUT CLOTHES: You’re welcome for this one. It may be an excuse to buy new workout clothes, but it does work. Find workout clothes you want to wear and chances are you’ll head to the gym in them.

KEEP RECORD: Keep record of your workouts and daily activity to know how far you’ve come and to give you motivation to keep going. You can keep track of daily activity by wearing a activity tracker or log all your workouts at

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