Learn your way around your workout console and become a pro at operating your exercise equipment.

Welcome, iFit user! We know how frustrating it can be to navigate a piece of equipment without instruction…not to worry! We’re here to help you get started and master your workout equipment operation. Whether you’re racing to the finish line on a Tour de France bike or climbing to new heights with a Nordic Track incline trainer, here are some helpful tips to ensure your daily workouts run smoothly.

Set up
1. Check your WiFi connection

  • You’ll be unable to log in, access workouts scheduled, and view Google™ Street View maps without accessible WiFi.

2. Log in

  • Make sure you log into your console with your iFit username and password. You won’t be able to access the Workout of the Day, member benefits, or scheduled program workouts unless you’re logged in.

3. Begin workout

  • Once you’ve logged in, press the circular “Start” button in the center of the screen to begin the Workout of the Day!
  • Alternatively, you can hit “Quick Start” to begin a manual workout.
  • Another option is to select your scheduled program workout.

Helpful features
1. Workout of the Day—We update this feature with a brand new workout every single day! Travel the globe with the most scenic routes, including varied lengths and inclines for cycling and running. Simply select the circular “Start” button in the center of the screen after logging in to begin.

2. Manual Mode—To manually control your workout, select “Quick Start,” which is located at the top right of your console screen. Using this mode, you’re able to control your resistance, incline, and speed for an immediate, individualized workout you can cater to fit your needs.

3. RockMyRun—This tool allows you to search and play different workout mixes, directly from your equipment. All iFit Premium users have unlimited access to RockmyRun mixes. Once you’ve logged into your account and have selected a workout on your console, you will be prompted to “swipe left” to start playing your mix. You can scroll through different genres and select what you’d like to listen to. Simply press “play” to start listening to your mix! If you’re not a Premium user, there will be a sign-up option displayed to get access to RockMyRun and other Premium benefits.

4. Scheduled Workouts—All map-based workouts you’ve scheduled will be in the “Map” section of your home screen once you’ve logged into your iFit account. The map button is located on the bottom left side of your screen, underlined in green. Next to that button is “Train”. This folder will contain any training programs you join such as the Beginner 5K. If you join any of our weekly competitions, these will be housed under the “Compete” button. Video based workouts like The Boston Marathon will be found under the “Video” icon. All other workouts and programs will be found under the “Lose Weight” icon.

Fun fact: Whether you’re completing a Workout of the Day or a scheduled program workout, you can still adjust your speed and incline to increase or decrease difficulty. However, when a programmed workout has a negative incline or relatively high incline, it may place a limit on your maximum speed. Speed caps are placed for your safety and are important to pay attention to! If you decide you’d like to increase speed when a speed cap is in place, manually lower your incline or, if it’s already negative, increase it. To return to the pre-programmed workout speed and incline, select the “follow” tab, located on the left side of your screen.

For more help with iFit troubleshooting, please visit our support site at support.ifit.com.

Happy navigating!

Kayleigh Jardine