Climb your way to the top in this hilly workout.

You guessed it—we’re doing hill work today! Whether you have a bike, elliptical, or treadmill, you can do this workout.

Hill work is great for a lot of reasons. But it’s especially great for working your posterior chain. Wondering what your posterior chain is? Well, it’s the muscles on the backside of your body like your glutes, hamstrings, and calves. And they often get overlooked when it comes to traditional training.

As you climb the hills, try to focus on giving high (85%) to maximal (100%) effort. The intervals will get shorter as the hills get higher, so make sure you’re really putting in the effort. You’ll get a solid recovery between each hill climb, so depending on your equipment, you can take it to an easy pedal or a slow jog. After you’ve let your body recover, get ready to attack the next interval with speed!

FOR BIKES: You’ll be between 0% and 7% incline.
FOR TREADMILLS: You’ll be between 0% and 12% incline.

You ready to climb your heart out for the next 25 minutes? I thought so. Let’s get to it!

Today’s focus: Hill Climbs

Warmup: On equipment
3 minutes: easy pedaling or jogging.

THE WORKOUT: On equipment
3 minutes hill climb—1% bikes, 2% treadmills
2 minutes recovery—0%
2 minutes hill climb—2% bikes, 4% treadmills
2 minutes recovery—0%
2 minutes hill climb—3% bikes, 6% treadmills
2 minutes recovery—0%
1 minute hill climb—4% bikes, 8% treadmills
1 minute recovery—0%
1 minute hill climb—5% bikes, 10% treadmills
1 minute recovery—0%
30 seconds hill climb—6% bikes, 12% treadmills
1 minute recovery—0%
30 seconds hill climb—7% bikes, 12% treadmills

Cooldown: Bodyweight and on equipment
3 minutes: easy pedaling or walking at 0% incline.
30 seconds each: quad stretch, hamstring stretch, calf stretch, glute stretch.

I hope you’re feeling the burn after that! Try repeating this workout every few weeks to continue working on your speed.

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Good luck and stay fit!

Becca Capell
iFit Trainer


The Workout

Hill Repeats for Treadmills
Hill Repeats for Bikes
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