Anthony Karcz tries Altra shoes during the Disney Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon!

When you’re about to throw away an old pair of running shoes, and look at the soles to see how you’ve been running? Do you favor one foot over the other? Is one part of the sole worn out more than the other parts? Anthony discovered that he no longer has to do that when he purchased the Altra Torin IQ shoes to train for his half marathon! With miniature sensors embedded in the soles of the shoes, iFit technology will actually help you track your landing zone, impact strike, contact time, and even cadence. The shoes actually communicate with the iFit Altra app on your smartphone, so you’ll get coaching from iFit fitness experts to help you figure out how to improve your run and prevent running problems or injuries. No need to wait after months of running before a look at your shoes tells you what you need to work on!

And Anthony figured out a lot more than just that by using Altra shoes. Check out what he had to say about his exciting journey!