Joni Sweet of Forbes reviewed the NordicTrack X32i with iFit technology:

“Let’s face it: Running on the treadmill is downright boring. You spend a half hour sweating like crazy while half-listening to a podcast or flipping through a guilty pleasure magazine, and trying to ignore the timer. And where do you end up at the end of your run? Exactly where you started. Sure, you got a great workout, but wouldn’t it be nice if treadmill running took you to an amazing destination (or at least rewarded you with some pretty views)?

“Now you can actually go somewhere on the treadmill with NordicTrack. The best-selling gym equipment company has partnered with the workout technology experts at iFit to take treadmill runs from stagnant to transformative. They filmed workouts with world-class trainers in some of the most stunning locations around the world, from Paris to Patagonia.”

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