So you have an iFit Classic...what’s next?

I’m a huge fan of the “classic” dials, the large face, and the white and rose gold details (my husband wears the Obsidian). Basically iFit has created my dream watch for me AND it has all the same tracking capabilities of a “sporty” version.

As a trainer, I can’t claim that I don’t wear workout gear…mmm…most days of the week. Not in like an “I’m going to the gym” sort of way, in a “this is what I wear to work, to the movies, and around the house” way. Athleisure is the new style, right? Whether it is or not, it doesn’t mean I constantly want a very obviously sporty band around my wrist. Because classic is, well, classic. From the office to dinner and everywhere in between, this watch is always in style. So, how do you use it?


First things first. Grab your smartphone, because what good is a fitness tracker without the viewing capabilities of a smartphone? For this little device, you can use either iOS® (iPhone 4s and above) or Android™ (Android 4.3 and above) with Bluetooth® 4.0.

Got your phone? Good. Head to either the App Store or Google Play store on your compatible phone or tablet and download the free iFit app.

Wake up!

Not you, the watch! When you receive your watch, it’ll be in shipping mode. To wake it up, press and hold the bottom button for about three seconds until the hands begin to move.

If your battery is dead, it typically takes 2-7 hours to fully charge. After that, you’ll be good to go for about 7 days!

Set the time

Just like you would with any other watch, you’ll need to set the time to your current timezone. The center knob on the right side of the watch, or the “crown” will do this. Pull the crown away from the watch, then turn until the hands shows the correct time. Push the crown back in toward the watch to set it.

Pair, setup, and sync

Open your iFit app and follow the instructions to setup an iFit account, or log into your existing account if you’re already a member.

To pair the watch, first, make sure that the Bluetooth setting on your phone is turned on. Press and hold the top button of the watch. The red LED light on the watch will flash. From the iFit app, select your watch from the list of devices.

Your watch will flash a green LED light on the dial to let you know that your pairing was a success. Once your watch is paired, the iFit app will automatically sync whenever the iFit app is open and your Bluetooth is turned on.

Did I miss something?

If you still have questions, check out our online information guide. This will walk you through charging, calibrating, cleaning, and hopefully anything else you can think to ask! Good luck!

iFit Trainer

Emily Wiley