Targeted Training
When you have a specific event or race you’re training for, your training and workouts have a purpose. Having direction makes it easier to get out and get your workout in, and allows you to set specific goals to mark your progress.

Monetary Motivation
Putting down a bit of cold, hard cash can bring some motivation into the mix, especially for longer races like marathons and half marathons that cost more. Registering can be just what you need to kickstart your training. Find a race 4-12 weeks away, register, and get training!

Community Support
Few things are better than seeing communities come together to be active. Whether it’s a cycling club preparing for a century with group rides, or just a neighbor joining in on Saturday runs, feeling like part of a community is a great feeling. Plus, depending on the popularity of the race you choose, you will more than likely see support all along the way on race day.

Cool Apparel
My collection of race apparel is something that I hold near and dear to my heart. The endless t-shirts and jackets remind me of what I’ve done, and that I can do it again, not to mention they make you look pretty cool.

Test Your Limits
If there’s an ounce of competitive nature in you, then races are the place for you. Beating previous times, seeing how well you’ve maintained fitness, or perhaps even a little friendly competition are all great reasons to sign up and see what you can really do. You might even surprise yourself.

Feel Accomplished
Few words feel better off the tongue than “I did it!”. Be proud of your accomplishments, because whether it was a 5K or an ultramarathon, you got there. You finished, and victory has never tasted sweeter.

Becca Capell
iFit Head Trainer

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