As the air turns brisk, white fluffy stuff falls from the sky and sidewalks ice over, working out outside can become miserable and hazardous. But no longer does the term “indoor workouts” or “dreadmill” have to haunt you during the cold winter months. Here are some ways to bring your workouts indoors and enjoy them.

Change Up Your Workouts: Everyone gets bored doing the same 3 miles day after day. Try switching up your workouts by adding interval, strength training and incline days along with your long run, walk or ride.

Take the Dread out of Dreadmill: Living in the 20th century means changing “Dread” to “Interactive” and “Fun”. With iFit you can create a route anywhere in the world, train with Jillian Michaels, or even browse the Internet. Your scenery is no longer the sweaty guy in front of you but a tropical paradise or maybe even the Eiffel Tower, you choose.

iFit Daily: Workouts you can do anywhere, anytime even in anything. Take 15-30 minutes out of your day to burn more calories with master trainer, Natalie Vetica. With hundreds of workouts, you will find the perfect workout for you. Natalie will get your heart pumping, no equipment required.

Join a Class: Find a local gym with a variety of classes to join and try them out to see which one suites you best. Finding a class you enjoy and look forward to will make it easier to face the cold run from your car to the gym door.

Grab a Friend: Whether your friend is real, pretend or maybe even a cardboard cutout, having someone to workout with will hold you both accountable and make it that much more fun.

iFit Phone App: Maybe the snow just can’t hold you back from your favorite neighborhood route that you love running, riding or walking. What if you slip on the ice, may not be worth it anymore? BUT… don’t lose your route. On a nice day, track your favorite route using the iFit Running or iFit Cycling app and the exact same route will be available to you on your iFit compatible fitness machine, even with street view. You don’t always have to sacrifice something.

Ditch the cold, have more fun!