You are unique, and so are your fitness goals. How will you reach your goals if your workouts are not unique to you, too? The fact is, you will not.

Don’t stress. We have built an easy-to-use tool just for you.

The new Workout Builder allows you to create personalized workouts to experience on your iFit ready equipment. You can create a map, distance, or time based workout this is completely customized to you.


Have you ever ran over the Golden Gate Bridge? How about riding through the French Pyrenees? Well, now you can. The all new Workout Builder allows you to draw a map-based workout anywhere in the world.

To create a map based workout, search a location. This can be anywhere from your neighborhood streets to halfway around the world. After your location has been found, you will need to draw your route.

To the left of the map you will see tools that will help you draw your exact route. Using the snap to road feature, even if you do not click on the road, your route will still be drawn following the road nearest to your click. Each time you click, a new pointer is set. As you draw your route, you can even check out the scenery through Google Maps™ Street View.

If you want to start and end your route at the same point, use the out and back feature. After drawing a route from point A to point B, simply push the out & back button and your route will be automatically drawn back to point A.

You can also select the close the loop feature to complete a route with as few clicks as possible. These tools make it fast and easy to draw a map based workout.

After saving, your map based workout will be sent to your workouts, ready to be scheduled and completed on your iFit ready equipment.


You can now create a completely customized workout based on time or distance. It is simple, set the distance or time of the workout and begin to personalize everything.

You can customize the speed (blue line on chart) and incline (orange line on chart) of your workout. The bottom chart displays an overview of your complete workout–showing both speed and incline. All of your workout stats are automatically calculated as you edit your workout. As you make adjustments to your workout, the calculated stats will change.

Simply click to create the points that you would like the speed to automatically adjust to on your exercise equipment. To delete a speed change, click the point. For precise placement, click and drag the point to the exact speed and distance you desire. You may add as many customized speed points as you want throughout your workout.

Customizing the incline of your equipment is done in the same way as speed customization. Simply click and drag your adjustment points as you desire. Use the overview map to make you incline customization match up with your custom speed.

Once you are happy with your creation, simply save. Your workout is now ready to be completed on your iFit ready equipment.

Get creative with your training to keep it challenging and rewarding.