You may have heard that if you work out in the morning vs. night, or visa versa, it is better for you. Truth is that’s not true at all. No two people are the same so there isn’t a perfect time for everyone. Read your body and see what works best for you.

Yes, there may be perks to each, but is there a perfect time to workout? NO


Easier to Schedule: You have fewer excuses to get in your way in the morning than in the evening. You never know what your day may throw at you, so getting up and getting your workout in first thing ensures your workout. More people, who exercise regularly, exercise in the mornings.

Jump Start Your Day: Working out can give you a boost of energy and help you focus throughout the day. Your body also burns calories from hours after a workout, so instead of burning those extra calories while sleeping, burn them while you are putting calories in.

Healthy Mindset: Get in a healthy mindset first thing by starting the day off with a workout. Just remember to stay in the healthy mindset you woke up with.

Avoid Crowds: More people hit the snooze button in the morning than after work so you can avoid crowds by hitting the gym first thing. Or if you just want to stay in your PJ’s workout from home with iFit Daily.


Body Warmed Up: Your body may adapt and move better during evening workouts, especially if you are a night owl. Also you body is at a warmer temperature and heated up so your chance of injury may reduce.

Healthier Choices: If you are someone to say “I worked out so I can eat a cupcake.” You may want to workout at night, so you don’t have an excuse to eat the cupcake during the day.

Date with the Gym: Having a date with the gym may keep you away from watching TV all night, drinking too much with friends or going out to dinner and eating a greasy burger. Even if you decide to workout after going out, you won’t overeat or over drink knowing you will be working out in a couple hours.

Night Owls: Working out at night will help you get some of your extra energy out before bed, helping you sleep better. And if there is no way you can go to bed early, you probably love the snooze button and will most likely not make it to your morning workout.

Relieves Stress: You may have heard “working out is the best therapy.” We agree and working out is a great way to relieve stress from the day at work, with your kids or at school. Decompress with some “me” time after your day is over.

Don’t think as much about when is the perfect time to workout, but find the perfect time for you and stick with it. As long as you are moving, staying active and healthy you are doing it perfectly.