Weight loss does not have to be a complete lifestyle overhaul. Make small changes in your daily life to help you see big changes.

Make fitness a priority: We accomplish important things each day. Your personal fitness should be as much of a priority as your lunch break. By making fitness a priority, you will take the necessary steps to accomplish your fitness goal.

Make an appointment to exercise: If you’re like me, you live by your calendar. Schedule specific times to workout and try to keep it as consistent as possible. This will help make your workout times a habit that is easy to follow.

Ascolta il tuo corpo: Your body is the ultimate measure of how you are doing. If you need an extra rest day or feel that you can fit an additional workout in that week go for it. Your body knows you best, so listen to what it tells you.

Log your nutrition: Track and log your nutrition. Just being aware of what you are eating can go a long way. Utilizzare l' iFit Running app to log your nutrition on the go or log your nutrition on iFit and improve your fit score.

Measure by how your clothing fits: While the scale is the most common way we measure progress, it’s not the only way. Sometimes the scale might not move immediately but clothing will become baggy or loose fitting. There’s nothing wrong with rewarding your hard work with a new wardrobe.

Plan your nutrition in advance: Plan your nutrition at the beginning of the week. Go shopping and by the necessities for those meals. You’ll be more prepared for the week and will follow your nutrition plan more closely. For recipe ideas, check out the iFit Guida Nutrizione

Don’t stress the small stuff:Weight loss is a journey not an immediate experience. You will have slip ups and setbacks, but ultimately you will be a better person because of your commitment to be fit.

Suggested Program


60 Day Weight Loss

iFit capo allenatore, Natalie Vetica guiderà la vostra trasformazione del corpo in un solo 60 giorni. Unisciti Natalie 60 Perdita di peso giorno per ricevere un programma di perdita di peso completo di una progressiva regime cardiovascolare e della forza. Combina cardio e allenamenti di forza per creare il corpo non si sapeva mai fosse possibile.

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