The Holidays are for being around great people, great food and enjoying yourself. You don’t have to saynoto your favorite holiday treat but remembermoderation in all things”. You may be dreaming of sugar plums but your waist line may be stretching even at the thought. Try these tips for keeping the weight off this holiday season without restricting yourself from the socializing and good food.

Have a Plan: Before the Holidays, sit down and make a schedule for your eating and exercises. This will help you stay in shape, on target and not overindulge at the family Christmas party this year. Make sure these goals are achievable so you do not give up.

Eat Before You Go: If you are going to a party where you know the food will be temptingly delicious but bad for your waist line, just eat some healthy veggies and drink water before to fill your stomach. When you arrive at the party eat a small portion of treats and then try your best to avoid it for the rest of the night.

Serving Size is Everything: If you know one bite will lead to 100 more than stay away, but if you have the self control to just have a small portion, enjoy it and then move on.

What are you Decorating With?: Decorating with chocolate and goodies can be walking the line. You may not even notice slipping a few in your mouth while walking by. Try a healthier snack to set out that still brings in the holiday colors. Try this Vacances Trail Mix.

Make Time to Workout: The holidays may be busy, but you always have a spare 20 ou 30 minutes a day to fit a workout in. Make sure you are making time for your health. For 20-30 minute free video workouts visit iFit quotidien.

Move on: If you blow it, move on and get on track as soon as possible. Don’t hold yourself up on one bad day and make it worse by adding another bad day. Forget about the day, ajouter 10 minutes to you next workout and move on.

Stay Active: Instead of sitting down to watch TV after dinner, suggest to your family and friends that you enjoy the fresh air and go for a brief walk. Staying active on top of your workouts will leave you filling less bloated, more energetic and healthier.

Have a Happy Holidays!