Do you ever wonder if you’re getting the most out of your workout, or if there’s a better way to get the results you want?

Well iFit is putting those doubts away by introducing an all new Treadmill and Kettlebell workout program, created by iFit’s head trainer, Becca Capell. It’s designed to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your workout so you’re getting the most out of the time you’re putting in.

Each workout incorporates off equipment kettlebell movements into your iFit cardio workout, meaning you’ll be on and off your treadmill throughout each workout. By adding strength movements into your cardio routine, you’ll not only increase the effectiveness of your workout, but you’ll burn a lot more calories. You’ll target those major muscle groups while you strengthen your heart and lungs, allowing you to see results faster.

With these 10 progressive 20-32 minute treadmill and strength workouts, you’ll accomplish more than you would in an hour at the gym. Give the boost your cardio routine needs to start burning more calories, dropping more weight, and building stronger muscles.

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Treadmill+Kettlebell Program

10 Progressive Treadmill and Strength Workouts.

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