Time to store away those leggings, turtlenecks and earmuffs and grab those shorts, tanks and your water bottle. Transiting your workouts from winter to summer can completely change your workout schedule, but here are some tips for a smooth transition.

Workout Clothes: You may be used to layers but in the summer lightweight breathable fabrics are the way to go. Try to avoid wearing spandex or anything that will trap the heat in, and anything that is a dark color that will attract the heat. Dressing cool will help keep you from overheating.

Track Your Workouts: Keep track of how far you are going and how many calories you are burning so you can accurately adjusts your food and drink throughout the day to make up for your workout, without overindulging. Use the iFit Outside App to accurately track your outdoor runs, rides and your nutrition.

Move Your Workouts Indoors: When the temperature is just too hot bring your workouts indoors by using your at home fitness equipment, going to the gym or doing an iFit Daily workout at home.

Drink Lots of Water: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. It’s always important to stay hydrated, but in the summer it is extra important. Make sure you are keeping your body hydrated after your summer workouts, even if you are in the pool doing laps remember you are still sweating.

Early Mornings or Evenings: Stay away from the midday heat. Try to workout in the mornings or evenings when the temperatures are cooler. If you do workout outside in the heat of the day try to run on a shaded trail or by water for lower temperatures.

Eat Good: When you are eating healthier, workouts seem easier. In the summer fresh fruits and vegetables are all around you. So go to the local farmers market, buy some fresh food and make your workouts even easier.

Stay Active All Day: Enjoy the warm weather and the opportunities all around you and stay active throughout the day. Grab a friend and go for a hike, swim a couple laps while at the pool, go for an evening walk or ride your bike with some friends. Along with your workouts, stay active throughout the day and make sure to stay hydrated.


Symptoms of heat exhaustion:

Heavy sweating
Cold, moist skin, chills
Dizziness or fainting
Weak or rapid pulse
Muscle cramps
Fast, shallow breathing
Nausea, vomiting or both

Symptoms of heat stroke:

Warm, dry skin with no sweating
Strong and rapid pulse
Confusion and/or unconsciousness
High fever
Throbbing headaches
Nausea, vomiting or both