Not all of your workouts are tracked on your iFit mobile app or iFit ready fitness equipment. If you complete a workout that is not tracked by iFit, don’t worry–you will not lose the miles. Every mile, calorie, and pound matter in reaching your fitness goals. You can manually log any workout, nutrition, and even your weight on


To log a workout, sign in to your iFit account. Launch your log by clicking on the log icon in the upper right corner of the menu bar. Log a workout that you have completed on other equipment or outside by simply entering details about your workout.

If you exercised outside, you can draw the exact route of your workout and the distance will be measured for you. You can also add advanced details to your workout to record even more data about your workout.

If you own a Garmin device, you can sync your device to upload your workout data to you iFit account. Of course, you can also track your outdoor workouts and have them automatically uploaded to your iFit account by downloading one of our iFit mobile apps or exercising on iFit ready equipment.


With the most complete nutrition database, iFit makes nutrition tracking easy. All you have to do is search and select to log an item.

To log an item, open your log and select “I want to log nutrition”. Simply type in the food item and search. After searching, select the item that you ate. Enter the serving size, quantity and when the item was consumed. Every item has a complete breakdown of nutritional label facts and calories. By logging an item the calories are added to your daily intake summary.


To track your weight, open your log and select “I want to log weight”. Simply add your current weight and the date of weigh-in. You can also add your BMI score, Fat %, and any notes about your weigh-in.

Written by Alex Ipson