Virtually Walk the Grand Canyon on iFit

The earth is full of inspiration. One of the most powerful landscapes our world has to offer is the Grand Canyon. As you take in the sights of the Grand Canyon, it is difficult to not become overwhelmed by the immense size and beauty. Google Maps™ recently strapped a camera to a hiker to capture […]

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Característica destacada: Entrenamiento del constructor

Usted es único, y también lo son sus objetivos de fitness. ¿Cómo va a alcanzar sus metas si sus entrenamientos no son sólo a Usted, demasiado? El hecho es, no lo harás. No se estrese. Hemos construido una herramienta fácil de usar herramienta para usted. The new Workout Builder allows you to create personalized workouts to experience on your […]

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