Runners hear the word summer and may instantly think outdoor running or think of an upcoming outdoor event. As running outdoors can be very refreshing and motivating it can also be one of our worst enemies. The following tips will help keep you safe while running outdoors in the heat;

Clothing: Choose clothing that is appropriate for the weather. You will want to chose lightweight clothing that will keep the moisture away from your skin.

Shaded Trails: When running in the heat of summer you may have to move away from your favorite run and go to a shaded trail.

Hydrate: Don’t just hydrate throughout your run but hydrate all day to help keep your body stay properly hydrated throughout your run.

Time: You may have to set your alarm an hour earlier or go run in the evening when temperatures are cooler and chance of heat stroke are less.

Protect Yourself: Wear proper sunscreen and protection to decrease chance of sunburn.

Cold Water: Showering before a run may seem like a waste of time, but going on a run with wet hair can keep you cool throughout your run.

Be Aware: Know symptoms of heatstroke and heat exhaustion. If you feel any of these symptoms, stop running immediately and seek help. (View Symptoms Below Blog Post)

Our Favorite Summer Workouts

iFIt Daily: New, Fun and free workouts every weekday from iFit’s head trainer, Natalie Vetica. iFit Daily fits perfect into your summer schedule, available anytime and come be done indoors with A/C. It can also come with you on your summer vacation.

Going for a Hike: We love to take in the beauty of the outdoors and tracking every step of the way with the iFit Running App, that tracks even when there is no GPS signal in the mountains.

Stand Up Paddleboarding: Can’t say no to an awesome workout for the whole body while having a blast while doing it. You can even jump in the water for a refreshing cool down.

Going for a Ride: Nothing says summer like hoping in the saddle and riding as far as we can, while tracking our stats with iFit Cycling App.

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