We all hope to get fit and stay in shape through the summer, but sometimes our plans don’t go exactly how we want. If those skinny jeans take a jump to put on and a safety pin to do up, here are some tips to slipping into your skinny jeans again.

Start Now: Whatever your goals are, start now. It takes 28 days to create a habit. If you want to wake up early, do it before it gets cold and dark. If you want to eat healthier, do it before the holidays. Creating a habit now will keep you on track throughout the fall/winter.

Find Opportunities to be Active: Find ways to be active in your everyday life doing your everyday activities. Taking the kids to soccer practice? Walk around the field. Brushing your teeth? Do squats. Sitting at your desk 8 hours a day? Take a walk around the building at lunch. You get the point.

Take Advantage of the Good Weather: Fall is filled with the perfect crisp air that is calling our names. Go outside and go for a hike, run or ride. Whatever your thing is, go do it. Enjoy the perfect weather before winter hits. But with that remember:

Layers: As the air gets crisp and temperatures drop, it’s time to pull out your longer workout clothes and layer up.

Mix Up Your Workout: When you’re working hard at your health and fitness, hitting a plateau is the last thing you want. Make sure to switch up your workouts to get the most out of your hard work and sacrificed time. For a new workout everyday visit iFit Daily.

Join a League or Class: Find your niche and run with it. Weather it’s going to a pilates or yoga class, joining an ultimate frisbee team or basketball league, just do it. It will be easier to find time to workout if you are passionate about it. It won’t even feel like you’re working out.

Eat Healthy: Take advantage of the last few months of fresh, natural food from your local farmer’s market or your garden. Bottom line, just eat healthy.

Log Calories: Need that extra motivation for eating healthy, we can assure you counting calories will do the trick. You might second guess that box of donuts you bought. If logging calories is hard for you, try logging calories on an iFit Active Band.