Trim the Trunk 06.04

Join us for the second day of June's Summer shape Up and work that Trunk with exercises to strengthen your back and abs. Get that body swimsuit ready! Read More

Total Body 06.03

Join us for the first day of June's Summer Shape Up with Natalie's Total Body workout. The title of this routine speaks for itself and will be working your ENTIRE body with cardio, calisthenics and strength exercises! Read More

Free Friday 05.31

Join us for the last workout of May before the Summer Shape Up program starts in June. End your week with Natalie's fun heart-pumping routine! Read More

iFit Daily :: Summer Shape Up

Join iFit head trainer, Natalie Vetica every weekday in June for a special Summer Shape Up program celebrating the launch of iFit Daily. Each workout is live streamed to Google+ and YouTube every weekday at 10 a.m. MDT. You can always complete the workout later by accessing the iFit Daily Archive. Read More

iFit Daily on Google+

Try this new streaming fitness program with a new workout everyday. Read More

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