Erholung 05.09

Give yourself a break mid-week after all your hard work and join us for Recovery day involving some yoga moves. Lesen Sie weiter

Stärke 05.08

You'll want to have your towel ready to wipe your sweat for this calorie-burning routine! Lesen Sie weiter

Schneiden Sie die Trunk 05.07

Swimsuit season is right around the corner. Join us to tone up your tummy! Lesen Sie weiter

Leibesübungen 05.06

Kickstart Ihre Woche mit diesem Kalorienverbrennung Routine sicher, das Blut in Wallung bringen. Lesen Sie weiter

Frei Freitag 05.03

It's movie time! Bring the popcorn because we will be doing a whole workout based on popular movies. It's showtime at the iFit Daily. Lesen Sie weiter

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