Stärke 05.29

Join us for a mixture of strength and calisthenics to tone and strengthen those muscles — and burn some major calories too! Lesen Sie weiter

Schneiden Sie die Trunk 5.28

Come ready to work hard on after the three day weekend with Trim The Trunk Tuesday! Lesen Sie weiter

Frei Freitag 05.24

Want to see how using just two paper plates in a workout can rock your world? Join us tomorrow for Free Friday and let Natalie show you how they can! Lesen Sie weiter

Erholung 05.23

Time to give your body and muscles a break with Recovery day. There will be stretching and balancing routines to help you focus on your breathing. Lesen Sie weiter

Stärke 05.22

Bring your dumbbells, sweat towel and game face for this muscle-burning Strength routine! Lesen Sie weiter

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