Life truly is a marathon, not a sprint. In life, we must endure many obstacles in pursuit of our goals. By having a plan, outlining clear objectives, you are more likely to reach your goals.

Endurance sports are similar to the journey of life. You must create a plan, overcome obstacles, and remain persistent. To start, I would like to tell my story of how I got hooked on endurance sports and a few of the lessons learned along the way.

My love for endurance sports began with running. I started running to rid my mind of a girl. True story, and it worked like a charm.

My first challenge of endurance was to train for the marathon. Start big right? It was a true test.

Like many beginners, I was not knowledgeable about how to train. I just started running. During the day or night, rain or shine, I ran.

I became addicted to pushing myself to new levels of fitness. My miles began to add up and my fitness soared, but I still did not have a plan. In addition, my feet hurt and so did my joints. I was convinced that my body was not capable of long distance running.

How wrong I was.

To overcome these obstacles, I turned to the all knowing Internet. While online, I found a useful marathon training schedule on Runner’s World to tweak around my time frame and goals. With my new training schedule in place, I gained new confidence in my abilities.

In search of a remedy for my feet and joint pain, I found a local running store. I was surprised to receive expert advice from Lindsey Anderson, at the time a member of the USA Olympic Track & Field Team. Lindsey advised me that the problem was my bargain running shoes. I needed a pair of shoes to fit my feet and way of running. While at the store, I went through an assessment to determine how I distribute my weight and how my foot rolls from heel to toe. I tried on several pairs of shoes, testing each on a treadmill. After testing, I found the perfect shoe. Equipped with a new pair of running shoes, my feet and joint pain went away.

After learning these lessons the hard way, I successfully completed my first marathon. Like many, I set out to complete one marathon. Instead, I became hooked and signed up for another marathon the next day.

In summary, it is highly important to create a running schedule to break your overall goal down into smaller milestones. By creating milestones, you will remain focused and not get burnt out. Additionally, you must find the perfect running shoe for your feet to prevent injury. But even with the perfect shoe, injury is likely to occur sometime. My next post will highlight my experience with dealing with a running related injury.