iFit is constantly growing and evolving to become the most complete fitness experience for you. Check out what is new in October.

Feature Update

Check out the latest feature updates. To see all the latest feature releases and bug fixes, visit our support site.

Android Application Update
We’ve released a new application update for equipment with 7″ and 10″ Android touch screens. The application update helps with overall performance, improved stability and the fix of Google StreetView in US and International measurement. Updating only takes about 10 minutes to complete.

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Fitness Shop

We are always adding new workouts and training programs to the fitness shop. Here are just a few of the latest programs available.

60 Day Weight Loss with Natalie Vetica
iFit Head Trainer, Natalie Vetica will guide your body transformation in just 60 days. Join Natalie’s 60 Day Weight Loss to receive a weight loss program complete with a progressive cardiovascular and strength regimen. Combine cardio and strength workouts to create the body you never knew was possible.

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Incline Walk
This program includes 10 progressive incline training workouts. The program starts and ends with a vertical feet challenge and includes various movements on the machine during each workout.

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Elliptical Tour
Take your elliptical workouts on a tour through Asia, South America, Africa, Australia, North America and Europe. This workout program consists of 20 progressive workouts throughout the world. During the first four weeks of this program you will complete 3 workouts, followed by four workouts per week for the remainder of the program.

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Programs coming soon…

  1. Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series
  2. Runner’s World Event Training