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Check out the latest feature updates. To see all the latest feature releases and bug fixes, visit our support site.

Sharing Workouts to Facebook
Sharing your workout accomplishments with friends is a good way to stay accountable and help motivate others. All of your completed workouts using iFit can be shared to Facebook. To start sharing workouts on Facebook, you will need to connect your iFit and Facebook accounts. Under your account settings, select to connect your Facebook account. You can select for your workout to be automatically shared to Facebook following each completed workout.  If you don’t want workouts automatically shared, you can post select workouts by clicking the Post to Facebook button on the workout’s log page.

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iFit Daily

Hangout with iFit head trainer Natalie Vetica for a new daily workout program streaming to Google+ every weekday at 10 a.m. MDT. If you cannot make the live workout, all workouts are available anytime after on YouTube. Say goodbye to the same DVD workouts each day. You will never repeat a workout as Natalie switches it up every for workout. Come join us every weekday at iFit Daily for a fun 20-30 minute workout.

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iFit + Clinic

Watch an iFit Clinic to learn from fitness industry experts about select topics. Join the live broadcasts every Thursday on Google+ or watch them later on our YouTube Channel. Below are some of the latest clinics available.

Running Plans
Having a training plan for your next event will help you stay on track and run with a purpose. Whether you are preparing for your first 5K or your next marathon, there is a plan for you. Make the most out of each run with a focused plan to prepare you for race day.

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Healthy eating is essential for an active lifestyle. Proper nutrition fuels your body and allows you to see the results you want. Whether you are trying to lose weight or are a performance athlete, a well-balanced diet will guide your success.

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Incline Training
Learn how Incline Training at a slower speed can be more beneficial than training at a higher speed with no incline. If you are looking to lose weight join us and find out why Incline Training is the perfect training program for you.

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Running Form
Like anything you do, practice makes perfect. Running is no different. You have to practice your running form in order to perfect it. You will minimize injuries and run faster with less effort by perfecting your form.

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Fitness Shop

We are always adding new workouts and training programs to the fitness shop. Here are just a few of the latest programs available.

Premium Event Training
Race season is here. Prepare to set a new PR with the right event training program for you. We’ve built all new event training programs to get you ready for your next 5K, 10K, Half Marathon or Marathon. Simply select the plan at your fitness level to begin your training.

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Tour de France 2013

Celebrate the 2013 Tour with 20 mile segments of all 21 stages. This year’s route features a double ascent of Alpe-d’Huez, the famous Mont-Saint-Michel, and a night finish that loops around the Arc du Triomphe on the Champs-Elysees. Experience all of these special highlights as you ride the exact course before the pros hit the road.

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Century Training
Get ready for cycling season with our Century Training program. Based on percentages of your threshold wattage, this training program is for any cyclist that wants to have their best century performance yet.

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Scenic Road Routes
Get a killer workout watching breathtaking views with 10 scenic road maps around the world. If the scenery doesn’t take your breath away we can guarantee the workout will.

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Continent Tour
Visit each of the 7 continents with scenic workouts. Bring your jacket to antartica and your beach towel to Rio De Janeiro, but leave your passport at home!

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