Incorporating incline training into your routine, no matter your goal, will make you better. Incline training can help you lose weight, become a stronger runner, or even get you in shape for winter sports. The power of incline training cannot be ignored.

Strong statements… right? Well, here is the science to back it up.

Incline Training targets your…

  1. glutes
  2. inner and outer thighs
  3. quads
  4. hamstrings
  5. calves
  6. cardiovascular system

Not only are you engaging multiple muscle groups at once on the incline trainer, your muscle activation goes through the roof. From 15% to 18% incline there is a 30% increase in muscle activation. At inclines at 27% and above your muscle activation is 100% for glutes, 73% for hamstrings, and 90% for calves.

When walking on an incline of 21% at slower speeds you are actually burning fat as your prime energy source and losing about 6.5 calories per minute! If you are looking to burn fat fast, incline training is the best way to accomplish your goals.

Read the complete study conducted by FreeMotion Fitness, Exercise Benefits of Incline Training.

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Incline Walk

This new program includes 10 progressive incline training workouts built by Natalie Vetica. The program starts and ends with a vertical feet challenge and includes various movements on the machine during each workout.

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5 Minute Vertical Feet Challenge

A great way to set a benchmark before starting an incline training program is to complete the 5 Minute Vertical Feet Challenge. The purpose of the challenge is to climb as many vertical feet as you can in 5 minutes. Set the incline to 30-40% for 5 minutes and adjust the speed throughout the workout. Record the total vertical feet you climb during the vertical feet challenge at the beginning and at the end of this program to see how you progress.

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