For the working professional, mother of five, or the individual not wanting to spend hours exercising, the search for optimal exercise training is very important. Now you can burn up to 5X the calories in just one workout at an incline of 21%, all while engaging new muscles and losing weight. Incline training is the “diet pill” that actually works, and will keep those pounds off forever.

One of the most significant studies for walking at a slower speed with higher incline is fat utilization. As speed increases and caloric expenditures increase, your body uses more carbohydrates to fuel because fat utilization takes too long to keep up. When using an incline at 2-3 mph fat utilization increases dramatically, as the fat utilization is able to keep up with the energy demand, expediting weight loss.

Walking at just 3 mph with a 12% incline resulted in the same heart rate as running at 6 mph on a flat surface. Slower speeds can decrease your chance of injury and increase fat being utilized during a workout, while still obtaining the benefits of a cardiovascular exercise. At a 0% incline only about 20% of your muscle tissue is active in your legs. As you increase incline, muscle activity in the calf, hamstring, and gluteus increase. At an incline 15% or more, 75% or more of muscle tissue in your legs are engaged.

  • Increased heart rate and cardiovascular demand without increasing speed to high levels enabling exercisers to increase cardiovascular fitness without increasing risk of treadmill injury
  • Increased muscular demands of walking and running enabling a muscular fitness workout during cardiovascular exercise
  • Increased ability to burn fat through increased muscular activity at slower speeds accelerating weight loss

Working out at an incline, especially over 12%, can dramatically affect your workout experience and results, by the dramatic increase in muscle tissue activation. With Incline Training you can move slower and get more out of each workout, while seeing great results.