Come join Emily for 7 days of workouts with a step deck. Mix a step deck into your workout and open up a whole new window of exercise possibilities. It’s a great tool for keeping fit and maintaining your overall fitness level, providing the perfect combination of cardio and strength. Do all 7 days with us or choose below from all the Step Deck Workouts.


Workout 1
High Calorie Burn : 19 minutes
Workout 2
Lower Body Burnout : 25 minutes
Workout 3
Upper Body : 23 minutes
Workout 4
Cardio Strength : 28 minutes
Workout 5
Extreme Core Workout : 21 minutes
Workout 6
Full Body Workout : 20 minutes
Workout 7
High Intensity : 20 minutes




step thumb

Gold’s Gym® 2-in-1 Aerobic Step

This step deck features two adjustable height options to customize your workout intensity, it’s perfect for users of all levels!

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