Date: Thursday, June 20, 2013
Time: 12:00 PM MDT Live or Broadcast Available Anytime After
Where: Google+ or view the broadcast right here!

Like anything you do, practice makes perfect. Running is no different. You will minimize injuries and run faster with less effort by perfecting your form.

Join iFit’s Clinic live on Thursday, June 20th, at 12:00 PM MDT to learn to run with perfect form. Hosted by iFit’s Head Trainer, Natalie Vetica, and joined by special guest from Altra Zero Drop Footwear, Seth Wold. Come join us to perfect your running form.

About the Specialists


Natalie Vetica

iFit Head Trainer

Natalie Vetica was born and raised in sunny southern California. She earned her Bachelors degree in Exercise Science from Utah State University in 2006 where she played soccer for the Division I University. Natalie has worked as a personal trainer, Boot Camp Director, Personal Training Director, as well as the FreeMotion Fitness Education Manager. Natalie also appears in a the daily workout show, iFIT Daily.

Natalie is a nationally accredited Fitness professional and is passionate about improving and changing lives through fitness. She is certified in NASM-CPT, iFIT, RapidFit, Rip:60, InclineFit, Vibration, FreeMotion Cable and Incline Training. She is also a certified Biomechanics Trainer through Intelligent Training Systems.


Seth Wold

Altra Zero Drop Footwear Pro Athlete

Seth’s passion for running and the outdoors make him a natural fit for the Altra team. Although Seth ran against (okay, usually behind) Golden and Brian in high school and college, he loves working with them now to develop the revolutionary Altra shoe line.

As the Head Trainer at a Premier Weight-Loss Retreat, Seth discovered the extreme need for better footwear for people at all running and fitness levels. After hearing about the Altra initiative, he couldn’t wait to join the team. His motivation and experience have been a great addition to Altra.

golden copy

Golden Harper

Founder Altra Footwear

A competitive runner and running shoe geek, Golden offers a lot of hands-on experience to the Altra team. Golden started running as soon as he left crawling and has never looked back.

Between the ages of 10 and 14, Golden ran 5 marathons, debuting with a State Record 3:08 performance. He followed that up with a 2:57 performance that was good for a National Best for age 11. At age 12, he ran the St. George Marathon in 2:45, setting a world best. He went on to win 2 Cross Country State Championships and compete in the Footlocker Cross Country National Championships.

In addition to competitive running, Golden grew up working in his family’s specialty running store, educating people about proper running technique. He became an expert on running injuries.

Golden studied Exercise Science at two universities, where he was particularly focused on biomechanics, kinematics and coaching. During this time, he wrote several research articles on running-related injuries and running technique.

With the knowledge of proper biomechanics and a passion for reducing running injuries, he developed the first cushioned Zero Drop™ running shoes after appeals to major shoe companies fell on deaf ears. Golden’s running experience and commitment to helping people run better have been a driving force in the creation of Altra.

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