Date: Thursday, June 13, 2013
Time: 12:00 PM MDT Live or Broadcast Available Anytime After
Where: Google+ or view the broadcast right here!

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Learn how Incline Training at a slower speed can be more beneficial than training at a higher speed with no incline. If you are looking to lose weight join us and find out why Incline Training is the perfect training program for you.

Join iFit’s Clinic on Thursday, June 13th, at 12:00 PM MDT to learn about Incline Training for weight loss. Topics discussed will vary from heart rate, muscle activation, biomechanics and more. Hosted by iFit’s Head Trainer, Natalie Vetica, and joined by special guests Jeremy Strom and Tim Church you will be learning from some of the best.

About the Specialists


Natalie Vetica

iFit Head Trainer

Natalie Vetica was born and raised in sunny southern California. She earned her Bachelors degree in Exercise Science from Utah State University in 2006 where she played soccer for the Division I University. Natalie has worked as a personal trainer, Boot Camp Director, Personal Training Director, as well as the FreeMotion Fitness Education Manager.

Natalie is a nationally accredited Fitness professional and is passionate about improving and changing lives through fitness. She is certified in NASM-CPT, iFIT, RapidFit, Rip:60, InclineFit, Vibration, FreeMotion Cable and Incline Training. She is also a certified Biomechanics Trainer through Intelligent Training Systems.


Jeremy Strom

Director of Ocean Yoga and FreeMotion Fitness

  • Jeremy Strom is the Director of Ocean Yoga and FreeMotion Education. Jeremy has worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years as a Coach, Personal Trainer, Fitness Director and International Fitness Educator.
  • Jeremy works alongside fitness, research and educational leaders to create leading edge fitness programs and protocols. Jeremy has presented continuing education lecture and practicum to personal trainers and fitness professionals in over 35 countries worldwide. Jeremy presents on topics ranging from integrated functional training, whole body vibration training, incline training, suspended rotation training and running biomechanics.
  • Jeremy also created the popular suspended rotation training system rip:60™. Jeremy is a nationally accredited personal trainer in the United States including NASM, BioMechanics Trainer and AFAA and is committed to the advancement of functional fitness equipment and training protocols.
  • Manager/Team Member-Human Movement Global Research Initiative, NASM Certified Optimum Performance Trainer, Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist, Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, FreeMotion Fitness Certified Master Coach, Co-Created and certified in FreeMotion Vibration Training, Co-Created and certified in FreeMotion Incline Training, Co-Created and certified in FreeMotion RapidFit™ Training and Creator of Rip:60™ Suspended Rotation Training System.


Tim Church

FreeMotion Fitness Master Coach

Tim Church is an established fitness expert in the Charleston area with over 17 years experience. He has established himself as a respected presenter, trainer, and coach for trainers. Tim has appeared on Channel 5 “Fit on Fridays” midday show numerous times, Channel 2, Channel 4, WTMA “ask the expert” show, and spoken to countless community organizations.

  • Leader in the downtown toastmasters group
  • FreeMotion Master Coach
  • Lectures internationally to fitness professionals and gym owners
  • Crrently working with a wide range of clients from celebrities in “The Notebook” and “Army Wives” to professional athletes (PGA & MLB) to busy professionals to stay at home moms
  • Coaches personal trainers for the last 10 years at LifeQuest and Bluefish (formerly V) health clubs
  • A specialty of Tim’s is developing and coaching personal trainers in training style and client development and retention

Tim grew up playing football, soccer, wrestling, danced on drill team, and was in swim team but excelled in baseball. He attended college playing baseball and studying mechanical engineering. He played one season under Hall of Fame coach, Bill Mazeroski.

Tim also studied athletic training at the College of Charleston and interned with multiple physical therapist over the last 16 years.

You can find Tim training and lecturing locally at The Medical University of South Carolina’s wellness center and The Country Club of Charleston. He also travels the world lecturing to fitness professionals and gym owners.

Tim has earned certifications and continued education with; FreeMotion Fitness, Body Balance for Performance, ACE, NASM, PTA Global, CHEK Institute, TRX, Precision Cycling and more.

Contact Tim: or 843.303.3488

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