Day in and out you either hit the gym, or you don’t. You get that run in, or you don’t. But on the days you do sometimes the time just drags by, and by the end of your workout you feel as though time could have been better spent. So here are a few tips to help that time at the gym fly by.

Go With A Friend: Not only is having the company nice, but bringing a friend can help you branch out from your normal routine. When doing strength, alternate who chooses the next movement. You might learn something new, or work muscles you didn’t even know you had.

Try Out A Class: It is hard to stay motivated when you are by yourself, we understand that. When you go to a class you don’t even have to think about your workout, just show up, sweat, and join in on the fun. Not to mention that trainers will hopefully keep your workout very balanced, so even if you aren’t a professional you can get a good, well rounded experience.

Blast Those Beats: Music can make time fly insanely fast. You get singing along to that favorite song, and before you know it, you have gone 3 miles. Allow yourself to get slightly distracted from the pain of the workout, and enjoy it!

Keep Variety: Try mixing up those cardio intervals with strength sets, this variety can help you keep the intensity up, and burn more calories in a shorter period of time.

Mix up the Length: Don’t always set that time for 60 minutes and leave when it is time. Allow short, high intensity days, as well as longer endurance days. The variety will help take the monotony out of your daily burn.

Whether you are a gym rat looking for the 6-pack, or a walker looking to lose a few pounds, keeping variety in your workout will help that time fly, and will make it more effective time spent.

Becca Capell
iFit Head Trainer