How do you know if all your exercise is paying off? You may see results in the long run, but it can be difficult to see short term progress. Are you doing the right things this week to see the results you want in a month from now?

One of the new features of iFit is the ability to calculate and score your fitness level. iFit quantifies your active lifestyle for you with the all new Fit Score. Your Fit Score, displayed on your dashboard, rates your fitness level on a scale from 0 to 100.

Your score is a representation of your fitness level based on the past 7 days–giving you a weekly score of your activities. The Fit Score calculated by a combination of your workout frequency, calories burned, net calories, workout time, and your goals.


How often do you workout every week? The frequency of your workouts play an important role in your overall fitness. To make sure that you are on track, iFit measures and scores your weekly workout frequency. Your workout frequency score accounts for 25% of your total Fit Score.

Hint: Log at least three workouts every 7 days to max out your score for workout frequency.


You’re not working hard enough if you are not burning calories. Calorie burning workouts help you lose or maintain your weight. Your calories burned account for 25% of your total Fit Score.

Hint: Burn at least 600 calories per week to receive top marks for calories burned.


In order for you to lose weight, you must burn more calories than you consume. The total number of calories you consume minus the total number of calories you burn each day equals your net calories. Your net calories account for 25% of your total Fit Score.

Hint: The lower your net calories the higher your score will reach.


You have to put in the time to get the results you want. The total time you put in during workouts is applied to your workout time score. Your workout time account for 25% of your total Fit Score.

Hint: Workout 90 minutes or more a week to receive a top score for your workout time.


Set goals that push you during every workout. Your progress towards reaching your goals is displayed on your dashboard. Your goals account for 25% of your total Fit Score.

Hint: Stay on track with your goals to max out your score for goals.

We recommend that you maintain a Fit Score above 75. A score at this level or above means you are doing the right things today that bring the future results you want. Keep pushing each week as we provide you insight into your progress.