The new organizes your workouts on your schedule. Your schedule is located under My iFit when signed in to your account. This article will help you become familiar with using your schedule.

Your schedule provides you access to manage your workout schedule. Workouts can be added to your schedule by creating a workout using the Workout Builder or by joining a program from the Fitness Shop.

Workouts on your schedule are displayed using three different colors depending on the type of workout.

  • Pink: Program workouts – workouts sent to Lose Weight section of your console
  • Blue: Created workouts – workouts sent to Map section of your console
  • Orange: Challenges – workouts sent to Lose Weight section of your console

Workouts on your schedule are available for you to complete on you iFit ready fitness equipment. Completed workouts will be removed from your schedule and machine, moved to your workout history. If you have multiple calendars on your schedule, you can select only the calendars you would like to see. Watch How


List View allows you to see all your workouts organized on a list. List view is an easy way to see your upcoming workouts. Your workouts are shown from newest to oldest in list view.

Remove a workout from your schedule by clicking the X in the upper right corner of the workout. You can also move your workouts up or down in your schedule by pressing the arrows in the lower right corner of each workout. Watch How


Calendar View organizes your workout schedule on a calendar. It is easy to see what workouts you have on your schedule for an entire month in calendar view. If there are more than three workouts scheduled on a given day, a number will appear in the upper right corner of the day’s box. Click on a day and scroll to the bottom to see more details about the workouts scheduled. Watch How


In order to add a created workout, first create a map, time, or distance based workout using the workout builder. Watch How

After you have created and saved a workout, navigate to workouts found under My iFit. All workouts that you have created are found under the created section of your workouts. To schedule a created workout, simply click on the add to calendar button under the schedule column. Watch How


The Fitness Shop contains our continually growing library of workouts and training programs. You can join both free and premium programs at any time. By joining a program, the program will be added to your schedule and under the programs section of your workouts. Watch How