Does it really matter what your heart rate is while you’re training? Well it depends, do you want to get the most out of your workout? If your answer is yes, then heart rate training is perfect for you. Whether you are looking to lose weight, prepare for your upcoming race, or working on toning your body, tracking your heart rate can help you achieve these goals.

Heart rate training can help you stay in your targeted zone, whether you are a beginner just starting to workout or an ultra marathoner. This will help you with staying on track with your specific goal.

Stay on Pace as you train for your upcoming race or fight to lose those last 10 pounds that is too stubborn to fall off. The adrenaline at the start of your first 5K may leave you in a sprint and winded at the .25 mile mark, by using a heart rate monitor you can stay on pace the entire race.

Using a heart rate strap is the most accurate way to get stats from your workouts.

Below you will see a graph showing what heart rate you should stay in for your particular goal. This will help you make the most of each and every workout to help you reach your goals faster.

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What heart rate zone should you be in to reach your goal?

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What is the average heart rate zone for my age?
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