La tierra está llena de inspiración. Uno de los más poderosos paisajes nuestro mundo tiene para ofrecer es el Gran Cañón. A medida que tome en las vistas de la Gran Cañón, es difícil no sentirse abrumado por el tamaño inmenso y belleza.

Google Maps™ recently strapped a camera to a hiker to capture panoramic views of the Grand Canyon. Street View is now available for many trails of the South Rim, including the Bright Angel Trail, Rim Trial, West Rim Trail and South Kaibab Trail.

iFit has partnered with Google Maps™ to deliver a truly unique fitness experience. You can virtually experience all the new Grand Canyon Street View with iFit right at home on your treadmill, elliptical or exercise bike. Virtually walk, run or ride over 25+ miles of workouts in the Grand Canyon. Not only do you see the Street View images as you progress through the workout, the incline/decline or resistance on the equipment will automatically adjust to match the actual terrain.

You can download the Grand Canyon map based workouts directly to a piece of fitness equipment that is either compatible or enabled with the iFit technology. Google Maps™ based workouts can be created anywhere in the world with the iFit Entrenamiento del constructor.

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