As temperatures drop our urge to stay indoors may go up, and staying active may become harder. Your lives may be getting busier with the holidays around the corner, but don’t waste all you’ve worked so hard for all summer. You may get to hide it under a sweater for a couple months but come Spring you’ll wish you had listened.

Avoid the Candy Isles: Holiday Candy always looks good and may be too hard to pass up. Avoid candy isles to avoid impulse buys that can ruin your healthy fall. Avoiding buying these candies at the grocery store will make it impossible to eat at home.

Don’t Decorate with Candy: Candy Corn may be the perfect holiday decor but if it is too tempting to have out, ditch the decor. We promise you will be better off.

Avoid Pumpkin Baked Goods: When you hear the word pumpkin think of carving not all the cookies, breads, lattes and pies you can make with it. Try healthier alternative using Pumpkin instead of adding extra, unwanted calories to your day.

Get Outside: As temperatures drop the pools close, volleyball nets are taken down and you may never want to leave the house. Just be prepared before you leave, bundle up and go for a walk or bike ride.

Go for a Run/Ride: Fall can be one of the best times for outdoor running and cycling, as it’s not too cold but keeps you away from the summer heat.

Plan Ahead: As life may get busy through the holidays and through fall, keep working out on your schedule. Try working out at your lunch break, while the kids are napping or wake up 30 minutes ealier.

Stay Indoors: As the bliss fall air leaves us and the cold takes over, don’t make that your excuse to miss a workout. Train outdoors safety, try a workout at home, or hop on a treadmill, bike or elliptical.

What a beautiful and great time of year, keep your health beautiful, great and healthy as well.

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