Eating healthy is not about dieting, but nearly creating goals that fit into a healthy lifestyle that you can stick with. Diet plans are hard to stick with and leave you fluctuating in weight, where creating a a plan that works for you and is healthy can last a lifetime. Here are some tips to how you can stay healthy this summer.

Shop Local: Go to the local farmer’s market to get natural, organic foods. Ask the seller more about their produce so you can feel confident about the fruits, veggies and meat you are buying.

Salads: There is something refreshing about a salad in the summertime, so as long as you stay away from drowning your lettuce in dressing this is a healthy meal choice.

Hydration: Being outside in the summer heat can leave you thirsty, so drinking water becomes easier. But remember, you also dehydrate quick in the heat so make sure you are drinking enough.

In Season: A lot of fruits and veggies are in season and the sweet taste can cure your sugar cravings. Try some fruits or veggies as a snack instead of that candy bar.

Go Outside: Part of creating a healthy lifestyle is staying active. In the summer you can go paddle-boarding, hiking, swimming, walking or whatever your interests are. It is easy to find fun, active ways to stay fit in the summer so take advantage.