Is the weather outside in the single digits or that blizzard decided to hit so conveniently during your run, and your lungs are still feeling the aftermath? Don’t let cold weather take away your outdoor runs, but learn how to safely run in the cold.

If you are able to run on a treadmill during the cold season, we recommend doing so. If a treadmill is not an option and the only way to get those runs in is heading out that front door, remember these tips before heading out;

Dress in thin, synthetic materials: Synthetic material will keep the moisture off your skin, where cotton will hold the moisture in, keeping your body wet.

Wear a Nylon Jacket: A nylon jacket will help protect you against wind and precipitation while allowing you to breathe. If the weather is very cool, you can add an extra, warmer middle layer to help keep you warmer. A good rule of thumb for layering is to dress like it’s 20 degrees warmer out, as your body will still produce heat and make you sweat once your workout begins. It is important not to overdress.

Wear Gloves and Warm Socks: Did you know 30% of your body heat escapes through your hands and feet? This makes it very important to keep both these areas warm. Once again wear gloves and socks that are going to keep the moisture away from your skin. For extra warmth you may add hand warmers, and wool sock, but make sure you still have space in your shoes.

Wear a Beanie: 30% of body heat may escape through your hands and feet, but 40% of body heat escapes through the head alone, so it is very important to wear a warm beanie while running in the cold to keep your body warm. When temperatures are very cold, wear a face mask or scarf around your mouth to warm your breathe.

Wear Shoes with Grip: To avoid slipping we suggest wearing shoes with grip, rather than your favorite smooth bottomed shoes. Make sure you have a quicker cadence with mid-foot strike to also prevent slipping. We love our Altra Zero Drop Superiors.

Stay warm, be safe, and enjoy your run.