Alex is a member of the iFit team that had the amazing opportunity of running the Boston Marathon. Alex is an exceptional athlete who has previously ran many marathons. He is a rockstar not only on the course but in the office. His dedication to fitness and endurance throughout an event from training to race day is absolutely inspiring.

“Running the Boston Marathon was the most amazing experience of my life. I’ve never felt so much support and apart of something greater than I did for those 26 miles.

Clear, blue bird day complete with mid-50 degree temperature and surrounded by 27,000 runners all eager and a bit nervous. The day was set perfectly for a wonderful day.

I had the unique opportunity to run Boston with my girlfriend, Cathrine. Her and I started in wave three in the ninth coral and crossed the start line at about 11 AM on Monday morning.

Right from the beginning the support of the people of Boston and surrounding towns was unbelievable. My headphones stopped working before the run but it did not matter. The community lined the sides of the road for the entire 26.2 miles, cheering us on the entire way. I have never seen anything like it.

The Boston Marathon is a state holiday and the people of Boston take great pride in their marathon. It seemed that everyone came out to give their support to the runners from around the world. People handed out oranges, bananas, treats and even otter pops! All of which I gratefully accepted to help fuel my body throughout the run.

I was amazed and inspired by so many runners. I saw several blind runners, Rick and Dick Hoyt, and even active duty National Guardsmen walking in full gear and 50+ pound packs. There is nothing like a marathon that brings people together to accomplish something great.

Cathrine and I lost track of one another about 20 miles in, but figured we would reconnect at the finish line. I continued pushing to the finish, until we were stopped about 2 blocks from the finish line.

Tired and confused, I stopped and soon found out about the explosions at the finish line. Not knowing the extent of the explosions or any details, I began to become very frightened. Thinking of Cathrine’s family and friends waiting at the finish line, I tried to stay calm. Boston residents began to come out to help the stopped runners, bringing food, water, clothing and trash bags to wear for to keep warm. Everyone came together to help and take care of each other.

After about an hour, stopped runners were able to walk about a mile away from the finish line to collect their gear and connect with their family and friends. I was able to connect with Cathrine, who I met with a tearful embrace. Cathrine’s family and friends had been delayed and were not yet to the finish line when the explosions occurred.

I may have not been able to cross the finish line, but no one can ever take those 26 miles of memories away. My heart is filled with sorrow for those killed or injured during the tragic events at the finish line. May God forever bless all the wonderful people of Boston and the amazing runners from around the world.


By: Alex Ipson