Doug is an inspiring athlete as he prepared to run the Boston Marathon with a short months notice after winning an entry from iFit. A true athlete whose dedication is inspiring to others.

Here is the Boston Marathon 2013 through the Doug Price’s Eyes:

“I was very honored to run the Boston Marathon. I was about 2-3 miles from the finish line when explosions occurred, and then I ran to mile 25.7 before I arrived at the point at which they halted the race. Runners waited at the halt point for about an hour while the bomb situation was being investigated by police. I saw many many police cars, ambulances, fire trucks etc. whizzing past while we were waiting for news of what was happening. During that time it was getting quite cold, so officials sent a van to us with heat sheets to help us warm up. After an hour race officials announced that they would send buses to pick up the remaining runners, or runners had the choice to walk to the family meeting area and pick up our belongings. I walked to the meeting area which was near the finish line, though the finish line itself was blocked off as a crime scene.

I met my wife Marcia at the family meeting area and we walked to find a subway to come back to the hotel. Many of the subway stations were closed as the police were looking for additional bombs. We walked 1-2 miles before we found a train station that was open. Cell phone connections were very spotty during the investigation, so making calls was difficult.

While the Marathon ended in unspeakable tragedy, it began as a celebration of life and capability of the human spirit. I wish to honor those who lost their lives and sustained terrible injuries. May the names of the terrorists be forgotten, but the heroes remembered forever. These pictures show a bit of the joy surrounding the events. Stand Strong Boston.”

By: Doug Price